A Different Experience

Today, the internet is essential in promoting any business or service, and especially when it comes to tourism.  Some people think that the day of the printed publication has come to an end, since everything can now be found on-line.  I disagree!  It's not a case of "either / or", but rather "both / and".  In any case, pay a visit to your local newsagent and see just how the shelves are packed with magazines and publications cover a myriad of topics!

In the case of Discover Sligo magazine, it is hosted on-line on this web-site, allowing you opportunity to browse its articles or source information.  However, the experience of reading the Discover Sligo magazine in its printed format, of holding it in your hands, is totaly different.  The magazine is a high-quality publication.  Its photographs are superb.  Its articles are informative, intriguing and, in some cases, provocative.  On your coffee table or bookshelf, it's good to have at hand, to browse during a coffee break or to read and ponder some evening by the fire. 

As a gift, it has a feel all of its own.  It's a tangible expression of Sligo.  It captures not just the amazing scenery and rich history and culture, but also the hard-work and entrepreneurial craftmanship of so many Sligo business people who love this county.  Disover Sligo magazine makes a lasting impression!  Share the experience!

With the latest edition, that esepcially celebrates WB Yeats, we, at Discover Sligo, have adopted a new approach.  From now on, each annual edition will look back at a major anniversary or commemoration in the previous year.  It takes a year to compile the magazine so the next edition, looking at 2016, will be published at the end of this year.  

I am confident you will find the Discvover Sligo magazine a throughly enjoyable experience and that you will find each edition worth collecting - so, be sure to order on-line today!

We also want Discover Sligo magaizne to reinforce other initiatives that aim to attract people to Sligo.  One initiative we wish to encourage is that you might think of a couple of friends who live overseas and order them a copy, as a gift. Maybe there is someone you have invited to visit Sligo, but hasn't yet made it.   I have every confidence Discover Sligo magazine will be truly appreciated by your fiends.  We aim to "do Sligo proud" through Discover Slligo magazine and believe your friends will find it a fascinating read.

Finally, do let us know what you think of the current edition.  We will gladly receive cinstructive feedback.  Shortly we will commence work on the 2016 ediiton, which will reflect on how Sligo marked 1916 and how the peope of Sligo were affected by The Somme.  If you have any suggestions as to content or any feedback, please email me directly at Discover Sligo [info@DiscoverSligo.com] or post your views below.

Thank you!

Discover Sligo - Share the Experience!

Keith McNair